BadReception Testo

Testo BadReception

Lock the door
Come and get some more
In my cup, know I keep the most
Here's a toast, runnin’ and I gotta go ghost
Veins cold, blood collectin' frost
On his every move, I know your whereabouts
Stop tempting Bones, I'ma be up in your house
Wrist slit, red flowin’ like a fountain
Ask your bitch, I bet she know what I'm 'bout
Eyes roll back, speakin' to myself
Peel my nails back, lungs pitch black
Can you feel that? Screaming, I don't hear that
Nothin' that I fear more than getting what I give back

They jump back and forth, they never know what side they on
I stay on track, crack the rats, they know what time I'm on
Watchin' what you love crash and burn like my pops when the Lions on
Stay down, now we all up, too high like notes when Mariah’s on
Upset, I want offset, I’m too cash to spell it out for you
Don't go to bed, I fall in it
But I rarely sleep ’cause I gotta get it
If I fumble, we all fucked, now it's me whose gotta go live with it
Street ball, skip to my lou, live in the rec, too sick wit' it
I don't need ice but I got a lot
Don’t need love but I get it too
I got what I always wanted, doin' what they told me to never do
It would deafen you if you were in my head
Screams comin' from the afterlife, from beyond the grave
I'm the one whose dead so it is I whose gotta deal with the plight
I fall and now I coincide, it's a fine line 'tween you and I
You blame the world, I tame the world I made the world work for me and mine
I come alive, each and every rhyme, heart beatin' with every line
Night time be the right time, sun goes down, I get a peace of mind