SpiderSilkRobes Testo

Testo SpiderSilkRobes

Cobble stone road, bottles on froze
(Hehehe) You think that's funny?

Cobble stone road, bottles on froze
Stunting through the cold, in my SESH skull coat
This village is my home, killers on the phone
Rob you for a dollar, hands up like roll call
Crimes unsolved, bodies, they dissolve
I made up a world like I'm fuckin' Roald Dahl
Never heard your songs, I don't play along
You-you on the bench, I'm the center like Gasol
Bitch, I'm so appalled, don't mention me
When you bringin' up clones, they ain't next to me
That's a product of me, just a result of the team
Without me, there would be nobody botherin' me
I solemnly swear, that was never my plan
Gettin' sick of playin' big brother to all these lil' men
I'm done with it, ain't havin' fun with it
For eight summers, I've been comin' with that bumpin' shit
The tavern never closed, my coins all gold
'Nother round for the team, another toast to Bones, cheers

('Nother toast to Bones) What?
There is a place that I'd like to go
It's in my head, so I'm always alone

Hoppin' out the chariot, swangin' (Swangin')
Stainless steel, be the weapon (Weapon)
'94 boy like Tekken (Tekken)
If your man talk about me, then protect him
Once I start it up, there's no ending (Ending)
Depending on what kinda day I've had
Reason for me to get fucked instead
Bitch, it ain't my fault (No, no)
Spider silk robes drag when I walk
Royalty blunts, get rolled when I want
Castle with the moat, you ain't ever gettin' in
I remember back then, never fittin' in
Now they tryna seal me like the game
I would do the same but I got nothin' to gain
You could never put me on shit that I ain't
Already on, be gone