Baja Testo

Testo Baja

Bitch, I'm feelin' like the Baja man the way I let them dogs out
Weapon up on my body, steppin' to Bones will be the wrong route
What in the fuck are you talkin' 'bout?
Your whole shit is going south
Bitch, I am the WeatherMan, I clap and now it's pourin' out
Rain rain, go away
Layin' back up in my grave
Blunt smoke runnin' all through my veins
Sun is up, I hide away
Shoe like I'm Hardaway
If you ever step in range
If you never seen me snap, I promise you never witness rage
Bitch, I be rollin' in the rain, backseat, bleedin' out
Shit'd be different if I change, but that ain't an option now
Blinkin', I was darkened out, storm clouds, rollin' out
Morticians, they see me and they swiftly run a red carpet out

Back up in my zone (Zone)
I am what is wrong (Wrong)
Ride up to the cemetery, Daddy's home (What?)
Smoke another one (Down)
Pour another cup (Up)
I don't need much to continue my roll