SkeletalLove Testo

Testo SkeletalLove

I was in the whip alone, on my mobile phone
Tryna figure out the play while the night was young
Reclinin' on butter pecan leather seats
Same color as my drink, Buffalo Trace
Got a message from my brother on call
Told me, "Slide, get high, figure out what the move is"
Said, I'll be right there, my chain don't fight fair
The diamonds always bitin', jewelry game is a nightmare
Pulled up, hopped out, hit the button
They buzzed me up, then I noticed somethin'
The glim west building had a bloody red glow
All I see is silhouettes movin' 'round in the window
Suddenly my interest shifted
All of a sudden, I'm dyin' to know the business
Quickly hit a 180, took the stairs to the sidewalk
Detective Bones, on the case like it was my job
I knocked twice on the door and the music stopped
The red lights turned off, maybe they thought it was cops
The doorknob twist, to my surprise
It was a female skeleton with gemstone eyes

In the whip alone on my mobile phone (Skeletal love)
I was in the whip alone on my mobile phone (Skeletal love)

Excuse me ma'am, I don't mean to bother
But somethin' magnetic brought me to your door
And I know we haven't met before and that's facts
But lookin' at you now, somehow, I feel we have
She waved me in, led me into the living room
Ironic 'cause she's dead and me, I gave up living too
I sit down while she walks to the kitchen
Brings back a cup of blood with no ice in it
I know it's strange to say the least but I drink it
I don't even hesitate, let alone start thinkin'
Her eyes start blinkin' and her mouth open up
She emits a beepin' sound, then I woke up

Skeletal love