Aborted Soul Testo

Testo Aborted Soul

This impossible reasoning with a serpent tongue
Intelligence never seemed so bland
A cursed heart, a saddened side effect
Of this dazzling treachery at hand

In millions of words no answer is found
The unbreakable wall of misery stood strong
Drowning in arrogance formed by an eclipsed mind
Journey through darkness to find the light
Guided by my hand, walk my path to the other side
Stones will pierce your every step
Amidst the flower bed of thorns
I'll await your angelic presence
Seeded deep within her devouring subconscious
A lie so truthfully told
Unborn justice ruthless and cold
Scraping the surface and breaking the mold

Foretold in my empty book of life
I sever this distant belief
Foretold in my empty book of life
I embrace this cynical release

Questions make questions of answers
Mirrored sentiments of the failures of this foetus
Seeking salvation from societal slavery
Idiocracy never seemed so bland
Restrained by wakeful nights
My minds eye starts to wander
Into somberness I break free from stride
Illusions of posthumous promise in this darkness now hide

Anomalies in the form of flesh to guard and take
Obstruction to a justification of this natural judgment
Hands held strong amidst vertebrae to break
A paradigm of distinguished disintegration; disregard and death

Equivocations fill up the filaments, lighting up her eyes
Like tungsten truth and rarity, they falsely coincide
Shards of glass in scorching white
Shall enter mine and shield me from her acrid lies... tonight...

From this tomb you call a womb, I sever these bloody bonds
From this tomb you call a womb, I leave you wanting, death to abscond