Fallen Angel Testo

Testo Fallen Angel

From far up here to down below,
Two martyrs' in this confront
From cusp to culiarity our iris do collide
Do you see yourself reflected in the blackest parts of me?
Outstretched beyond lie feathered posteriors
Your failures to me now painfully clear to see
With wings affixed to bone to break,
Tragic trajectories fore told, instilling fear
With mighted strength I do you embrace and take
A foot held down, to instigate
The keel, the bow, the appendages new vicissitude

Pulled into a smut of ruby juices
As your maker looks on helplessly
A witness to new age heresy that ensues...

Toss the forlorn overboard...
A free-fall fated in slow motions,
With insinuations formed from stagnant air,
Rushing past my ears as I fall for honest notions,
That angelic providence is unfair
The earth moves quickly towards me
Magnified by this dis-ease.

Daylight hours turn to closed flowers
And I witness the darkest dissensions
Atmospheres become unique and I feel them,
Changing throughout my descent

A life of luxury wants and will,
Servitude now turned to torment

As time beholds its defeat, the tearing of its design
A Dramatic aftermath on the precipice
Fresh body and earth collide
The downfall of immortal beings, fighting to refrain
The bodice now limp as it bounces,
And returns to the earth once again
Motionless now as time returns
A body is battered and torn
Heavenly flesh ripped into the soil
This bird that preys no more
Heavenly flesh ripped into the soil
A body lies battered and torn
Motionless now as time returns
The bodice now limp as it bounces
And returns to the earth once again...

But what of humanity?
As stars are tainted reds
A rain shall fall down upon them
Till every last one is dead
The anguish of fallen angels,
Re-interpreted as rotting flesh
The hope that once lived within