Hold It Down Pt. 2 Testo

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Testo Hold It Down Pt. 2

(feat. H.A.W.K., Lil' Keke, Big T)

Come on T, let's ride..

[Hook x2: Big T]
Hold it down, hold it down
We still hold it down
The South, still hold it dooown

I still hold the shit down, till you come back home
As soon as you touch down, you'll be strapped with the chrome
Then it's back to the zone, tell them haters it's on
And if them boys wanna plex, put a strap to they dome
I'ma ride for my niggaz, get high with my niggaz
If niggaz wanna die, then I'll fly with my niggaz
I'm still holding shit down, for Screwdoo
And I'm still holding shit down, for Pat too
And Gator, was my little fucking brother
Know I love him like no other, and there'll never be another
And this song in the streets, be number one
Better move bitch, look out here we come
And I represent the South, and everytime that I talk
Diamonds blinging in my mouth, diamonds blinging in my mouth
And I'm riding on Jordans, when I'm through the town
C-Note and Big T, we still hold it down

[Hook x2]

The South, we still hold it down
Control the town, with white, tan, yellow or brown
The best around, man we'll shut shit town
Lyrically clown, and now y'all trying to steal our sound
The king's in crown, at home but we're here to stay
Better do what Luda say, and get the fuck out our way
I miss Pat and K, and for them I pray
And I still hold it down, for D.E.A
H-A-dub-K, I have a lot to say
With no delay, I'ma represent where I stay
Raised in the Tre, then moved to MLK
I'm a Dead End nigga, till I'm old and grey
Nigga Southside, South-Sa-Southside
Where some real niggaz die, and some real niggaz cry
Real niggaz survive, and keep hope alive
And we gon strive, for the rest of our lives

[Hook x2]

[Lil' Keke]
H-O-L-D, I-N-G
Holding it down Southside, smoking a pound
Controlling it now, yeah we got the key to the city
Burning up corners, until them FED's come get me
F-A-T P-A-T, S.U.C
R.I.P., from Lil' Keke
Give it to me, got to get it nothing but love
C-Note and Cloverland, and that H-A-dub
Rolling it up ready to ride, do it with pride
This for my thug soldiers, and my niggaz that died
Keeping it live keeping it cocked, turning the block
Holding the spot, this for my G's on lock
Fire up the do', po' up the drank and think
How to take seven figgas, when I walk in the bank
This one off the chain, niggaz shook when they look
At some Dirty 3rd gangstas, T singing the hook

[Hook x2]