Know What I'm Talkin' Bout? Testo

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Testo Know What I'm Talkin' Bout?

(feat. Juvenile, Bun B, Godfather)

This one, got 'em bopping to this
Keep 'em all day in the mall, shopping to this
Riding on them chrome'y blades, steady chopping to this
And I'm in a rag top, steady dropping to this
Know what I'm tal'n bout, one time clocking to this
Cause the bang in the trunk, steady knocking to this
Keep the nine millimeter guns, cocking to this
And you gon know me when you see me, by the rocks on my wrist

Plenty hoes, showing me love
(know I'm tal'n bout), got the Benz sitting on dubs
(know I'm tal'n bout), that's the way we do in the South
(know I'm tal'n bout), put them diamonds in your mouth
(know I'm tal'n bout), pulling up looking real clean
(know I'm tal'n bout), Navigator filled with screens
(know I'm tal'n bout), got my grill filled with diamonds
(know I'm tal'n bout), got the bumper steady reclining
As you see, I'm from the Third Coast nigga
Balling, what we does most nigga
C-Note, y'all can't come close nigga
Freeze, so y'all can't stop my niggaz
Got a lot of women, when we up in the club
Walk outside, and we sitting on dubs
Ballers and thugs, steady showing me love
Fly like a dove, in them planes above know I'm tal'n bout

[Bun B]
King of this rap thang, in the Lone Star
Everyday we smoke kill, pop pills on bar
(know I'm tal'n bout), coming out the Westside vecinity
Fuck a crowd fuck the law, fuck over the enemy
(know I'm tal'n bout), king of the after-hours I'm able
To walk up in to Cornbread's, and pick a pool table
(know I'm tal'n bout), put dice on it put a price on it
Lick every nigga with it, got advice on it
(know I'm tal'n bout), you want it damn fool pick a number
And we'll find six feet of dirt, to get you under
(know I'm tal'n bout), did it befo' we'll do it again
Let's take it back to '92, smoking fluid again
(know I'm tal'n bout), you let him damn him do it to you
Acting like you wasn't G's, when you knew it was true
(know I'm tal'n bout), we coming through your HQ in a blue S2
In 2000 and 2, now what you gonna do know I'm tal'n bout


Know what I'm tal'n bout, loving Down South
They dub like horses, with gold in they mouth
In the E Class, when I see ass
Horn beep-beep, then I pull up fast
Love for the Third, when the Third got birds
Roll big birds, sip on syrup
Whole club pumping, everybody jumping
Like Kriss-Kross, never take a big loss
If I get pulled over, it'll get tossed
Stay hogging, cause I'm the big boss
Bun B, C-Note murder we wrote
O.G.'s, now relax wrap ski boats
Big pimping, fuck leave her limping
Ecstasy pills, got her heart trembling
Got a lot of women, never be simping
Dudes out of line, I be homicide attempting


I'm bout to put the double R, in the spot
It look clean when it drop, but it's rough with the top
Man I got, four or five of y'all
Everyday trying to figure, what I drive is hard
45 inch bus, studio in the bus
DVD satellite, I ain't kidding you black
If I owe money, gotta be to the max
Third Coast baby, I'm speaking the facts
Better sco' from me now, other niggaz'll tax
If you don't have what I want, look I'm giving it back
I'ma snatch me a hoe, before I go to the pad
And hope she give me head, let me go in the ass
Man I see a whole lot of people, up in the club
Women shaking they ass, niggaz throwing it up
And recognize, when the real in this bitch
And you try to take me under, but I'm still in this bitch


Bun B, Juvenile, C-Note off that (know I'm tal'n bout)
Putting it down Third Coast style (know I'm tal'n bout)
Grizz on the track got my back, what up with it
(know I'm tal'n bout), Big Shot Records we here to stay baby

Know I'm tal'n bout [x4]