Right Da Wrong Testo

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Testo Right Da Wrong

(feat. J-Real)

It's still diamonds all in ya face, but there's a right and a wrong way
To rub me and love me, and touch and squeeze and hug me
My Clover girl, welcome to my Clover world
Tell them boys it's over girl, my only pearl that I need to share my world
It's Gucci it's Fendi, this hustling's just in me
Right or wrong all night long, we be getting freaky
It's Gucci on bed sheets, ten thousand square feet
C-Note I still bring the heat, but without you girl I'm incomplete

[Hook: J-Real]
There's a right and a wrong way
To love somebody, you're my world
There's a good and a bad way
To have to be a sad way
If you gonna love somebody, yeah
I'll love you good

C-Note ain't with them silly games, girl I ain't with them silly thangs
Ain't trying to keep no secret mayn, I put that on my pinky ring
I put that on my everything, I'm trying to see you later
Gotta make your last name Smith, like we was Will and Jada
I'll take you to the Grammy's, and even to my shows
If we ain't riding private planes, then it's stretched limos
I'll love you all night long, I dedicate this song
Now tell your friends, there's a right way and a wrong what

Coming from behind me
Don't you play no silly games
With me baby, baby, baby
(no-no-no-no, it just ain't my thang)
It just ain't my thang, no it ain't
Cause all I need is, to love you hold me baby
(hold me tight baby, with the joy you can bring)

You keep it real I keep it trill, ice on your hand ice on your ears
Ice on your wrist down to your heels, baby girl this is how I feel
Fa sho looking real tight, eyes gleaming so bright
Damn girl I feel so right, everytime you in my sight
Shape like an hour glass, can't let a hour pass
I'm trying to make it last, we be flying first class
To my baby girl, I dedicate this song
I'm trying to tell you girl, you got it going on

[Hook x2]