Keep Ballin' Testo

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Testo Keep Ballin'

(feat. Kirby "D")

[Hook x2: Kirby "D"]
Keep balling, keep balling
Keep balling (keep balling, keep balling)
Keep balling, keep balling
Keep balling (gotta keep on, gotta keep on)

If you're balling, and you know it
Put fifty grand in your hand, nigga show it
Put that ice up on your wrist, nigga snow it
Put that bang up in your trunk, nigga glow it
Got that lean nigga, pour it (po' it up)
Cause it ain't everyday, a black man free and you know it
You gotta ball and get it all, through eternity
Stop by your mama house, kick her down a hundred G
Yo that's the type of nigga I be, for realer I be
I'm balling with the Clover, cause the Clover's in me
I done made a million dollas, off of street fame
So you can never take away, my fucking street name
Now-a-day's, it's Playstations in Fararri's
But back then, it was Hoopties and Atari's
We still shot calling, got them screens falling
Got them screens crawling, to all my niggaz balling

[Hook x2]

Call it payback, when I'm rolling in a made back
What you know about that, back seats laid back
I'm that young black, entrepreneur
I'm that nigga with that Matchbox, in front of the store
I'm that nigga, that's ahead of the line
I'm that nigga writing rhymes trying to shine, way ahead of my time
(keep balling) that's what you do, when them niggaz keep stalling
Just keep balling, twinkie 4's crawling
It's all on me, a Clover G
It's S.U.C., till I D-I-E
Botany Boys put it down, for my block
See us holding big rocks, knots up in my socks
I'm about to wreck the future, y'all live in the past
I done customized my crib, with Miami glass
And my job, is to bring the message to the streets
Just keep balling, all my niggaz stay on feet

[Hook x2]

Them Third Coast boys, quick to bring the noise
Quick to bring the drama boys
Rolling yellow Hummers, looking like Tunker toys
Botany Boys, twenty karats in my Clover
Up and down side to side, while we in the Range Rover
The beef ain't over, till them boys wanna say it
We still balling, we putting prices on they head
We keep balling, until the end of the world
C-Note flying in the sky, for little boys and girls
A real nigga that'll hustle, that's a man to me
Gotta get it how you live, feed your family
Blowing endo, and sipping drank
I'ma shout out to my niggaz, locked in them tanks
Send em pictures, write em scriptures
I'ma still hold it down, for my niggaz
I'ma keep balling, till you come home
I'ma keep balling, for all my niggaz that's gone

[Hook x2]

Know I'm saying, gotta keep balling
Keep banging, keep knocking they heads off
Keep banging in the trunk, popping trunk
Hurting boys, you know I'm saying
Keep coming down wrecking, gotta keep balling mayn
This how it go down, S.U.C. for life