False Believes Testo

Testo False Believes

When death lurks around the corner, don't be afraid the end is near
It's just a door to a new beginning, opening in front of you
It's like a dream that's never ending, a nightmare never seen
Like the light of a shining star, thrown upon thee

Why to fear that what so many have already been through?
Is it the fact you don't know what's beyond this door?
We've never seen what's beyond our horizon
And still we know it has to offer so much more
When death comes closer to our side there's no need to run away
For we are misled by false believes thinking it makes sense to pray
Still when our judgment day has come, the day of our departure
All our intentions wash away, we're falling back to none


Embraced by the arms of our destination
Having reached the final stop
Looking back on the path behind us
While facing ahead to the new world