Inconvertible Changes Testo

Testo Inconvertible Changes

A game it seemed to be yet never was
All seemed useless but was to enrich your soul
And still you think that life is this superficial
But what you don't know is that what will surprise you

Inconvertible changes

Every lesson ever learned
Will be taken along beyond death
All the wisdom ever obtained
Won't be thrown away at the path's end

You will find the deeper meaning of your life
As you enter the gates to the life beyond...
When you've finally found the world behind the horizon
That's when you'll know the true meaning of life

Inconvertible changes

Everything that's ever seen by man's eyes
Will change life and how we look at it
All the steps we'll ever take on our journey
Won't make us remain who we are

We'll never be the same again
Now that we've changes for good