Soul Cemetary Testo

Testo Soul Cemetary

Welcome to the soul cemetary
The final place for the weak
You never made it to paradise
And now you're doomed to stay in here

Follow me, as I lead you to your grave
Where you will stay until the end of days
So you can witness the arrival of new souls
That are awaiting the same faith
Soul Cemetary
The final place for the fallen ones
Soul Cemetary
And thou shall never be unleashed again!

Hidden deep under the surface of the earth
No longer a disgrace for humanity
Escaping impossible,
Leading to your own hypocrisy

The cries for freedom
Will never be heard
'Cause for your weak soul
Will never be searched


Wishing to return to the world of the living
Yet finding no way out
Trying so hard but never being able to
Stand up and crawl out of the ground

Forever doomed to remain in total darkness
Only the dreams are left to stay behind
Searching for some sense in your own soul
Insanity is all you'll find