Obscure Testo

Testo Obscure

Under the dark skies of the night the fading light of a falling angel
Under the bright full moon the slaughtering of the beast is yet to come
In the foreign castle the words have been spoken, the curse has been made
Inside the endarkened room the life of a man's been replaced

Darkness has come to take over everything, and to rule over this world of sickness

The horror shown tonight has never been seen by man's eyes
This sequence of obscure occurrences took away their chance to hide
For the thing that none of them ever wanted to see
For as dark as night it eternally will be

A shadow has fallen over all of mankind
All light's been taken away to never return again
Forever we all will live in total blackness
And never see a ray of light pass by!



End theme (screams)
Before the tomb opened and the beast came out, the ground above it moved from side to side
All the clouds in the sky turned from blue to black ... as there was no turning back
It put it's first step on the ground an retrieved the powers it ones had lost
And now it's back on earth and it will rule forevermore!