Freestyle1 - Pitbull Testo

Testo Freestyle1 - Pitbull

(feat. Pitbull)

It's that little chico Pitbull
Puttin it down with my dog, DJ Ideal
Dis "Da Bottom" motherfuckers and this is what we do, hahaha
Let me tell you 'bout "Da Bottom" right quick, okay?
Anybody that knows anything about cookin up a little bit of a..
...a little something knows that "Da Bottom" is the raw
And that shit that floats is garbage

Pitbull smashin 'em now, that's a motherfuckin problem
The hardest workin motherfucker, that's what they call him
I, stay on the grind I, stay on the road
Haters I stay on they mind and I stay cumin on they hoes
City to city, pussy to pussy, titty to titty
I mark my territory, G spots I licky licky
Brian Leach made TVT take a risk
Now TVT's thankin Brian Leach for signin Pit
Lil Jon, when dat "Crunk Juice" drop once again it's on
Dare me I can't wait 'til the day I can say "Da Bottom bitch!"
I ain't gon' lie, the success is overwhelmin
But this exactly what my nigga Eddie used to tell me
So I'm ready for it, I'm takin my money
Investin it in real estate to me them chains ain't important
Next thing you know, not only am I rich
But my kids are worth a motherfuckin fortune, BIIIITCH!

That's right motherfuckers
It's that little chico Pitbull puttin it down with DJ Ideal
And this is "Da Bottom" motherfuckers
This how we get down in Dade County motherfuckersss