Freestyle - Chamillionaire Testo

Testo Freestyle - Chamillionaire

Chamillitary mayne!

[Chamillionaire x3: scratch]
Stay in the house a bit, don't come out of it
'Bout me, niggaz best not be announcin it
Like your mouth real big, never doubt the kid
What I spit is legit, real niggaz vouch for it

They say "Ouch you're sick," I say, "I'm sick?"
After what I did, man the SwishaHouse is sick
Dyke Jones, pussy nigga that they vouch for, pig
The wrong nigga to mess with, but I caught that trick
So yeah, I had to show 'em how I do it
Now they listenin to the music and they say that I'm the truest
But I knew it, they was foolish, they was actin kinda coolish
Why you lookin at my diamonds and actin like they cubics?
Talkin like you're bulletproof, niggaz actin like they suited
So I dropped "Mixtape Messiah," right after that they rooted
For the mixtape God, they actin like I'm buddhist
Got 'em praisin my phrase, I just rap and they salute it
"Attention!" Now hang it up like a hanger
Send it to the M-I-A and this'll be another banger
Real niggaz don't snitch, I won't be the one to name ya
Laws come around here and I won't be the one to blame ya
Uh-uh, I shouldn't be an entertainer
It won't be the index, it's gon' be another fanger
That I hold up to camera I ain't gon' be no complainer
If it's drama that you came for you gon' be another stranger

"Chamillitary mayne"