Freestyle 2 Testo

Testo Freestyle 2

(feat. Brisco)

Uhh, yeah, I did it
This ya boy (Brisco!)
C'mon, sex love and money
3-oh-five (you know that's right)
Yeah ("Da Bottom" nigga)
P-O-E, B-O-Y, c'mon
What the streets sayin? Sex love and money
Straight sex, G-12, V-Class, real Swayze
Sex love and money, yeah, Johnny Boy, Ace
It's over ("Da Bottom" bitch!)

Look at Brisc', ball in all flavors
Hit the club, smoke drink, touch a little anus
Leave with a bad bitch, I wonder what her name is
It's always better when you have sex with a stranger
Drunk as fuck, can hardly see
This X got me where I need to be, nigga please
I'm, young don don, golden child
Proper with the hurricane fitted, every crime committed
My name's mentioned from cocaine to killings
From tanks of propane we use to blow up the buildings with
We not considerate, that's what a villain is
Keep hustlin, a nigga got a mill' again
You boys ain't ready for war on the contrary
Sherry canary my shit's patent like {?} berry
Bang, blow 'em open like a goon killer
Tell 'em I'm comin soon kill 'em, clear the room
To kill 'em, kill 'em, Brisc', uh-huh
Yeah, c'mon, sex love and money yeah
(And when you see him gonna give 'em the some'n some'n)
Yeah, Ideal, what that do boy?
I'm the unsung hero man
(Freaky, freaky, freaky freaky fly man)
(Freaky, freaky, freaky freaky..)