Freestyle - Cubo Testo

Testo Freestyle - Cubo

(feat. Cubo)

Let's ride!

Stand still

[Chorus x2: Cubo]
Y'all ain't fuckin with my city so chill
Dirty South and you know we keep it real
From the bottom to the top, stay trill
I give a fuck how you pussy niggaz you feel

Y'all let me in this game, now y'all gon' feel the pain
I'm comin from the South, home of the hurricanes
Miami is the city where you're forced to hustle mayne
Cop a block, break it down, bag it up and push it mayne
I know y'all boys is not ready, so hold up
[?] and I'm comin through and you know I'm keepin it standin
Trigger finger ready to squeeze, enough ammo for my enemies
I'm not tryin to go and make history
I'm just tryin to make some extra cheese
I'm here to rep my city, I'm here to rep my county
I'm here to rep my state, you busters can't relate
I'm reppin 3-oh-5, t-t-t-'til the day I die
C-U-B-O on the track, everybody else move the fuck to the side
Go ahead Miami stand up, go ahead Dade County stand up
Go ahead Florida stand up, show them niggaz that we don't give a fuck
I'm standin here and I ain't movin for you suckers
I'ma do my thing whether you like it or not, motherfucker

[Lil Jon:] "Da Bottom" bitch!
[Cubo:] Stand still

[Chorus: w/ talking over it]