Dues Testo

Testo Dues

Payin' dues -Group Home

[Verse 1:]
My point of views through payin' dues
Using microphones set it off like the fuse in the Cipher zone
As I'm tellin' crews be gellin'
Rhymes blow your outter skeleton if your styles relevent
You know the flavor I gets deep like the grave
Headcracks I gave when tomahawk like a Brave
Now I'm paid in the trade like Special Ed Got It Made
Some conquer slave along the way sprayed like Raid
In 92 I spent my days in the YMCA
Freestyling while I cut the cross fade like a blade
Stayed off the stage writting page after page
Now I blast like a guage twisting raps like braids
Laid stunts like I forgot, blunts got me all high
Hittin' stick after stick as I kick back
Acting like you run shit, rappin' all that dumb shit
You ain't the first one to brag about your fuckin' guns kid
Uzis and toolies they just don't impress
Whoole under the best bless let's my brain arrest stress
And that's the test act like you got a clue
If you're new on the set don't forget to pay dues

"I pay dues" "We work hard" "Payin' dues"
[Guru] "I pay my dues and shit" [x4]

[Verse 2:]
Now I'm on the come up no need to run up with your gun up
From sun up to sun down I run sounds
The rap race is mad fucked up
MC's act stuck up but get they cars plugged cause they shit is butt
I bust rough cuts and never trust promoters at a show
They stack doe and try to stake me off the cash flow
Assholes be like "Yo know you got's to pay dues"
Fuck that I slay crews since days of 1982
You could never catch me empty handed at the mic stance
Understand I'm fed flippin' like tails and head
Born dead of the coffin known for droppin' non stoppin' schemes
Hit your spleen box and leave you fiendin' for oxygen
Rockin' 'em in Boston cause yo we ain't soft when I blow spots off
Then step collect my props and be out with the skins or punany
Styles get deeper split the beaver
Hit the cheeba sip a liter of Tequila
I need a break gettin' tired of makin' demo tapes
Wating for papes fills my mind state with hate
I create since the days of the Cameo fame
So don't come running up askin' about the dues I've paid