Time Testo

Testo Time

One dimensional. Paper-made Profile like a lost child. Build and destroy. Assult and deploy. The decoy. The me inside of the weak boy. A win, a loss. A minute lost. Definite costs. A minimal image bringing in a limited accord. Where do we go from here? Soul bare. The inflated tear. We made it here. Men try in vain to fight the hated air. Blood in veins quench the seas and drench the ground appear. A crown of thorns around your head and hair. I said it's clear. Impair the sight as light comes near, bent on the stroke of man's discontent. Proletriat laureates. The thorn to your detriment. The fifth percent. Skewing a picture bent. A filament bright like the legacy of Isis. Who converts a cup of Chris' to the cult of Christ? It's the zeitgeist of the times, turning blood to wine and making red rum. Murder makes murder...What!! Staring at stone windows (LIES) Fallen angels reaproach (LIES) Coming from the water yabyss. Dead pigs smell like burnt halos. Throw it all away. Haunt us past mistakes. Time suspends a call From the depths of Hell. We've been here since life begat. Everything we do, you react. Can't bring it back. No pact, no act can reverse the sands of time for no man. This is a fact since we've been black. Before black cracked rocks with olmecs (what) The misdeed of your seeds is bound to come back (THIS CAN'T BE IT) The misdeed of your seeds is bound to come back If you come, come correct. (THERE MUST BE SOMTHING MORE) Blood in, blood out. Budding moral. Crumbling, came out. Birth to a childit comes around. Over and over, It's deafening everyhting. Bury it, carry it. Return, it's leaving