Re - Creation Testo

Testo Re - Creation

Ghost cloaked in shadows.
Host Broken Battles.
They Parallel hope in open battles.
Close and Narrow
(Closer, shattered. Touching beauty
Languishing under superstitions.
Closer, shattered. Backwards mirrors.)

Every figment was produced by an all thinking image.
Given the right environment empires end.
Liars mired by higher men? No. Higher thinking.
Keep your third eye blinking

Unstoppable, What you know. From below proffer the impossible.

History's a fictive Anecdote/Antidote

What will it be? Knowledge or Belief?

Focus on the closest locus that makes the most potent hocus pocus bogus.
Overdoses of no-doses caught us in collective comatoses.
Prognosis: Action or Hopeless. Know this. Mind power imposes.
Stasis when it closes, an oasis when its open more.
Like the fallopian corridor nine months before Jehovah was bore.
What are you hoping for? Look in your broken core.
Find truth to create that open door