Reaching Higher States Testo

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Testo Reaching Higher States

The only real thing in life is action!
Turn into wrath. Turn wrath to past, explode.
Convert your anger into energy
It's time to realize your potential.
If you're born dead what kinda life do you lead?

Free yourself from all your angst.
Leave the cold lost in the past.

The negative thrust of the evident lust has its
genesis in Oedipus.

Hubris is the end of us.
August is the emencity of an enemy but greater is pure
energy exposed readily.
Getting me?

Turn into . . .
Leave the cold lost in the past
And turn into Wrath

Turn into Wrath
Turn Wrath to past
The Aftermath is energies in a lazer-like stream.
The negative prism of the soul

It's time to control and hold the object that brings
men to highr religion.

Free Yourslef from all your angst
Leave the cold lost in the past

Free Yourself- Turn into wrath
Spiritial health- Turn wrath to Past
Nuetralize negative Energy
Higher goals must be achieved

No Philosophy
No Discussion
No Exisitence
No Religion
No Phophesy
No Conclusions
No Hatred
Just Acton

Turn into wrath
Turn wrath to past
Turn into wrath
Turn wrath to past
Turn into wrath
Turn into wrath
There's nothing to believe