1(877)969 Kaos (2 Way) Testo

Testo 1(877)969 Kaos (2 Way)

[dialing] [ringing] [computer voice]
Welcome, mailbox of 877 (beep)
Enter your subscribal secruity co-[4 beeps]
You have messages [beep]

[Jesse Taylor: talking]
Yo Kaos this yo people J.T., Jesse Taylor man
Where you at man, I hit you on the Hit man
Craig's been callin me man, give him your real
Phone number, don't have him callin my mama house
Then she callin my house givin him my number and how
You gon owe dealers? I owe dealers too now you done
Got em hooked on me and you, man hit me on my 2way

[Devon Sergi: talking]
Yo Kaos! this Devon Sergi boy Hot 97.5 Atlanta
Ya country cousin folk, you betta holla at me
Get ya AT....(message deleted)

[Hook: Kaos]
Just hit me on my 2way baby I'm on the go
We on the road, we rockin shows
Gotta rep 314, MO fo' sho
Still doin dirt though
But I got that work mo
You'll get that when I get back
And hit back in a day or so

[Verse 1: Kaos]
K.C., the Navi, Houston, and the Chi, frine and the friendly skies
Urbody on at 9, tired of my girl askin my why
In the car before I left in wit Jamal
When I'm sleepin she thinks I'm creepin in wit another broad
This life is hard derty, but it's my job derty
Can't get no rest, I'm always stressed and its my fault derty
I'm on my way to LA, gotta hit the Bay in about 3 days
Gotta get paid, all work, no play and I just keep gettin paged

[K-Slide: talking]
Ay muthafucker I heard you comin down here
And your punk ass better give me DJ exclusive interview
You know how I do it, so you better be here, and be
Callin me first muthafucka...and if you don't know who
The fuck this is you better know, K-Slide, westside BI-ATCH

[Penelope: talking]
Kaos this your girl Penelope, nigga we lookin for you
Where you at? we up herre in Philly we got a platinum
Party goin on for Toya, me, the 'Tics, urbody herre
We got rooms for you, hoes all that shit, what up derty?
Don't be on no bullshit nigga.. [beep]

[Chuck: talking]
Yo Kaos, Chuck man...(deleted)

[Chuck again]
Yo Kaos, Chuck, did you talk to
Deja or Eric? you workin this weekend
Man check in (message deleted)


[Verse 2: Kaos]
Now I'm on another flight, Milwaukee tonight
Been in Vegas 4 nights, urbody wanna see the sights
Urbody done be hollerin bout the fight
Urbody rollin wit the hype, urry one I run into got a price
Urry dime woman that I meet is a dyke
And I be like this shit ain't right, but I gotta be cool so I socialize (ya lil' mo)
Seems like urbody's blowin highs (ya fo' sho)
Gotta be in Cleveland, tomorrow evening, and it's gonna be rough
To get my ass up, who the fuck you blowin me up?

[Toya: talking]
Whuts up Kaos, this your girl Toya, yo I knooow
You gon check out the platinum party up in Philly
Cuz I know my girl Penelope told you so just
Bring ya ass, cuz urrrbody there, so don't be actin like a HAT-AAA (beep)

[Ludacris talking]
Kaos, Kaos man answer this goddamn phone man
Ay man check it, it's Luda man, tryin to see if you
Comin to ATL I know you told me you was comin down
Here nigga hurry the hell up, I told you we throwin a party
There gon be a lot of big titties wit the matchin asses
Gon be hoes out, all that good church girl type stuff man
We bout to get it down, so hit a nigga aight? (beep)


[Verse 3: Kaos]
I miss my son, I miss my girl, we up in the Source
The longer the world bumpin they hella thurl (yes'ir yes'ir)
Now I can't wait till I get back to the crib, Lil' Rob, Bob
And A.P. and Mom's crib, do we still be crackin over at the park
Do my niggas still be shootin darts, is it still wild after dark?
Do them hoes still be at the Lart? I miss the Arch
But most of all I miss Eddie K., wish ya good when I get back
To the hood baby its gravy, its payday! (beep)

[horny girl talking]
Hey Kaos, I kinda missed you, I kinda missed
Everything about you and um.. (clears throat)
I'm really horny, I am and I got to thinkin bout you
Again and it got me soakin... wet.. (deep breath)
Mmmm this long.. (moaning)
Ok, ok, ok lemme calm down um just.. oooh
Give me a call ok? ok...bye (message deleted)

[Hook x2]

[male talking]
Yo nigga I heard you comin down to Cleveland dogg
Man when you gon come down and kick it wit me man
I got this party gettin ready to jump off, I got these
Strippers ready to do they thing, all you gotta do make it
Here dogg alright? g-spot I'm out (beep)

[Don Love: talking]
Yo nigga what's up this is bad boy, Don Love
Tryin to reach out at ya man I heard you was in town
You know what? you need to holla at me man
Break down, touchdown and holla at a brother
Hit me on the Hit [beep]

[hater talking]
Kaos whut's up man? whut's up wit you man
DJ Frontin', DJ I-Aint-Got-A-2way
DJ I-Aint-Got-No-Answerin-Service
DJ I-Aint-Got-No-Business, DJ I-Aint-Got-No-Stratchin-Skills
Whut's up wit you DJ Kaos? tryin to get back at you man
And you hollerin at everybody else but ain't gon holla back at me
Notorious! Black Glorious! that's what I'm talkin about
DJ Kaos, how bout DJ uh.... Aint-Paid-Yet