Lemmehallaatcha Testo

Testo Lemmehallaatcha

Da Hol' 9 mo
Time to shine it
2-99 mo

[Verse 1: Kemo]
Like Tony Soprano, lil' derty "bedaubing"
But instead of tortellini, eatin' collard green
Urr time I kick a rhyme, then Kemosabe mean
Urr time I spit a line, you think its not a thing
Bein' the hardest summin I can deem
Got the whip to get ya chick up out her Prada jeans
Got the wit to get ya rich up out ya rightist dreams
Got the wit to get ya litchis like a powder fiend
Homeboy you got a lot of cream
Urr time you ride ya Escalade, you gotta lean
Camilin paint, 22's, lot of screens
This a game, don't move, I got the beam
See I been pullin' Jackson's from the early team
Back when I was moonwalkin', to "Billy Jean"
So fool take me to the vault and don't cause a scene
Represent for McCall so I gotta scream

[Hook x2: Kemo]
URR URR! come herre derty
lemme holla at cha
URR URR! come herre derty
lemme holla at cha
URR URR! come herre derty
lemme holla at cha
lemme holla at cha derty
lemme holla at cha

[Verse 2: Kaos]
I know they one of those, mo they the was vapin'
Clearly got the gold eggs and had to get some mo' cause those was taken
I heard he got them birds for no snakin'
Hater show waitin' for ya partna to slip and trip
He's got the pros chasin', they on his head kin folk
So don't sleep, he know he's keepin' the way silent she go
To keys and nymbo, my peoples wanna see ya boy
Toe tagged, it ain't no joke tell em mo, and know
Make sure that he knows that


[Verse 3: Kemo]
Posted on a corner like a stop sign, blocked 9
Cause this fool dropped dime, tried to slang Rick a brick
And tried to plot now, somebody chargin' 26 for the block now
Slam, only does a bottle we gon' lockdown
Fed shed to shop down but he out now
So I'm about to roll through his spot now
Bust shots and watch fools on his block die
It's much bigger than them iced out necklaces
The Rolexes, its a price on ya neck ya dig
I'm bout to get it quick, they say my head is sick
I offer redness, with 32 shots all off in the club
I never miss, I make em "Black Casper"
I smell cheese, y'all colder than Alaska
you better freeze y'all, put em in a casket
make em a memory dogg
hold on wait a minute, I think I see a dogg

[Hook x2]