It's Gonna Be On Testo

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Testo It's Gonna Be On

(feat. Bizz, Don Cisco)

[Don Cisco (DTTX)]
Yeah, this is how we get down
This Don Cisco up in here with D-double T-X
From Lighter Shade Of Brown
And this how we get down baby
It's about that paper you know
That big face paper all what
I'm dippin' and ready
Ready or not, we gettin' fiety
So anxious for the loot that my palms are sweaty
I want my money in Fort Nox
A breif case full of big face, C-notes with a pad lock
A bag drops sittin' outside in the driveway
A Black escala just to slide down the high way
And they might say
might say
That I'm greedy for the green
All about my cream and I'm Seldom Seen
I'v been a corner and hit a switch on em
Hit the studio spinnin true, tell a friend
We about to get rich on them
We on a mission to bump
Spittin' game is our hustle
Don Cisco little gang competition we trouble
We sheddin' green in the fast lane
Brown ballers where they ballers
Cause they're all about the cash man
And the last thing that I won is some drama
Holler at a dollar while my dawgs lockin' collars

[Chorus: Bizz]
Here comes paper tonite (gettin' mine)
Because my hustles strong (so strong)
It's gonna be on (It's gonna be on)

Here comes skrilla your nite (get that skrilla)
Before that change is gone
It's gonna be on

[Don Cisco (DTTX)]
Now its the second round
And this is how its goin' down
Flash from the past Back 2 Da Brown
Here's the Frisco map with the Lighter Shade
Said the money's irresistible
And this is how the cash is made
We hit the stage spit game and pop collars
So get the fame and the pussy
Get the money and the power
We drunk tight on top of the trunk tower
Rent a suite for tonite stayed a couple of hours
To Eddy Bower parked alay caught up with him in LA
Going back to Cal-a chicas on the runway
Screamin 'gimme gimme one more chance'
Bumping Tupac and Biggie as I get a lap dance
And it the last chance for alcohol
Sippin' down my cup to show em how a true playa ball
When the loot calls I aint so cute with it
Place it so when you have it is how I handle my business


[DTTX (Don Cisco)]
Now I just touched down in the city of angel
Land of gangbang cause it causes danger uh
I keep it crackin from the beginning to the end
Back on the streets is where I stack my ends
It's all about the fiety, skrilla, Luchiano
Natural born hustler, me and my hermano
Down with the streets, down with the struggle
Down with the D, and down with the couple
D-To-The-X, easy like sex
Don Cisco, hard like the projects
And I collect my money in sets
One before the show and one before I jet you know
Don't get it twisted cause we at it again
With a pocket full of money and some Don can spend
And like I said we ain't trippin' off you haters
From the Bay to LA we all about that paper