Jump In My Ride Testo

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Testo Jump In My Ride

(feat. Bizz, Royal T)

West Coast liven
Killin' in the streets for g's
Home of the drive by's
Cops, the chicken's and palm trees
Keep it real with skrill
The cash keep it comin'
Doing a little somethin'
Somethin' we ain't frontin'
My money, my bitch, my car, my crib
Settin' no limits to the thing's we did
Drop a jewel watch it shine
Homey I got it grine
Peace to all my dawgs who walkin' the main line
Hit a switch and it's on
Liven is kind of fedy
The loot is comin' steady
Break bread cause we ready
What the quarter you know I gotta make it for sho'
My money, my cash, my skrill we Low Pro
And I wanna frost with the ice and cash
And I wanna flash in the ride I mash
And I wanna pocket the ports the big face
And I wanna em to state to call my own place
Come on

[Chorus: Bizz (DTTX)]
Jump in my ride tonight
Cause we just rollin'
(My money, my cash, my skrilla
You know we gonna grind big weights
Like big killas and I)

Let's spend this cash tonight
Cause we just rollin'
(My money, my cash, my skilla
You know we gonna grind big weights
Like big killas and I)

[Royal T]
I mash on heaters and my big Navigator
Born at the Lakers when it's time to get paper
Freaks and palm trees
Chevy's and chrome key's
Blowing the chronic trees
Bottles of Don P
You know how it is when I slide through
Not a baller in town that parlay like I do
Call me Mr. Ruffels cause I'm all about my chips
45 on my hip, in case the suckas wanna trip
You know I spit game like a sports commentator
Sippin' decory's candy paint one in Jamaica
Royal T, off the heezy for cheezy
Don P free's me tryna please me
In a rag top, 6-4 Impala
Chill swalla cause you know I got the dollar
My Navi', my fool, my Lex, my Ice
My Platinum, my world, my doe, my life and I


We chillin' at the spot getting paid
It came in everyday
We land up in the shade
Counting money we made
It's got a limit, no matter where we go
We build for big things cause we flash for sho'
My money, my house, my car, my trick
No matter what happens I'ma still stay rich
And I'm with Royal T, we ride for Low Pro
We in it to keep it crackin' and out to make doe
See my pocket rome, touch down I'm in the zone
If it's on, then it's on the money make you a dome
Fast cash, stash, flo the E Class
More wet than crystal, no need
We have to ask where your player pass
Is your game on tip is smooth as sip
Soak up like (?) was everyday
Stackin' chips in every way
We some heavy weights
And everyday is like a holiday