Sunday Morning Testo

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Testo Sunday Morning

(feat. Bandit, Bizz, Point Blank)

I woke up yawnin'
And it's another Sunday mornin'
Mom's cooking on the stove
And you know where I'm goin' back to the park
Know we gonna stay till it get dark
Homey's cruisin they rides because they rides is sharp
Hittin' switches, lookin at all the fly shi...
Drinkin what we drinkin and you know it ain't apple juice
Remember those days when we used to kick it
From cruisin on with you late late when we kick it
Paint the flex, and never wanna go home
Even when the streets lights came on
We still rode till dawn
Three wheel motion, slidin' and coastin'
Smell the Bar-Be-Que kids running around just acting like fools
It's all good cause it's easy like a Sunday
Sunshine at sunrise, rollin' down a oneway all day
And you know it's how we liven it up
And everybody got love and they given it up come on

[Chorus: Bizz]
Let's take it easy
Easy, easy, easy
Like they do every Sunday morning
Easy, easy, easy
[Point Blank]
Everybody just chill, carne asada on the grill
Pop the top on the Cuervo, me and the homey's keep it real
Early Sunday morning waitin for these ladies to come
No guns, nothin' but fun, one love underneath the Sun
See it's not where you from but how you kick it
Remember back in da days

On a Sunday Afternoon
Me and the crew, just jammin' the oldie tune
The weather was cool and the sky was blue

[Point Blank]
Daily spinning, hit the fire, chasing pretty woman
Stack loot, and tryna live life flush like crushed lemon
From the beginning to the end this Mexican always puts it down
Point Blank with the Lighter Shade Of Brown
Low rides squeak the ground with this pound
With familia all around is how we all get down
No scrappin' you know it happenin'
Keep the heat burning, rainy or stormy
And keep it easy like Sunday Morning


I remember those Sunday Morning, shine up the ride
Puff the good feel cause we chill all night
Hit the streets from (?) to Manobello
Bumpin them oldies and everybody's mellow
Roll down the window, feel the cool air breeze
Invision all the homey's around making g's
Let's kick on that Sunday cause tomorrow's Monday
L.A. liven homey cause it's the realest homey
From glocks to blocks all the streets be hot
Tricks jock chrome spinnin' if your car is hot
Bumping down, side to side pancaken the street
System bangin' down the Paramount with cops by me
Phat Bandit with the homey D double T
On a Sunday marinate and rollin through streets
No tickets played it cool, just got a warning
Cause everybody's laid back on a Sunday Morning