We Started This Latin Shit Testo

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Testo We Started This Latin Shit

(feat. Proper Dos, Royal T)

[DTTX: x4]
I started this latin shit
You mean to tell me this the thanks I get

I be caught up in the game
People hollering my name
Took trips over seas
On a red hot plane
Going circle for days and did Lowrider shows
Had plenty of hoes
Coming out they clothes
Getting down put my lick on them
I been there, done that
Now we about to sick on them
I got (?) sick in to hear about to break the scale
On your meter, wear white
Beat up and in the 2 seater
And house shoes, I paid my dues
And you don't even have a clue
On what you wanna do
Got it glock from here to Bancock
You know you done hating bumpin up your block
Worldwide keep 'em knockin'
Crowd I got 'em rockin'
By the end of the night your bitch is jockin'
And who's talkin', don't forget that I started this shit
A Latin thug in the clique ten years in the mix

[Chorus x4: DTTX {Royal T}]
I started this latin shit
You mean to tell me this the thanks I get {Hello!}

[Royal T]
Hello, I started this shit
But you never know, cause it gets political
Badder with the jams
I be mack dance
So why the fuck am I ask outside
Fool looking in
Who slug them streets
Who bring you the heat
Platinum molon just at the swap meet
Got the underground lock
Like a hot drug spot
Pumpin' up your block
Like a thugs layin' rott
So get the radio
Just pump Low Pro
Make alot of doe
Off a little promo
Check the sales stand
And tell me who the man
Check the record sales
And try to understand
Form here to overseas
You sell like key's
Got the hotter latin shit off CD's
Who the fuck that be
That royal Royal T
Who started that shit homey
That be me


[Proper Dos]
Another cholo
Going solo
Back in a low-low
3 wheel motion
Sippin' on potion
Trippin' off commotion
And these young fools coastin'
How they made this happen
Time for bitch slappin'
Fresh out the gate
The clear up to hate
Buy my first album
Flip it around
Check out the tape
Compare it to other rappers around that time
And tell me I didn't have that gangster rhyme
Gangster rapper originator
None greater
Used to love me
But ten years later
You turned hater
But all that hate
It can't change the past
I'm legendary
On any rapper off smash
Frank V babe
Can't fade my (?)
Excuse my french
But I'll break you jaw
Because crime pays that way
The hardest Latin rapper
And it stays that way