Mad Testo

Testo Mad

Aye, Nine9 really kickin' shit, you heard?
Nine9 made it

If I'm in the party, please don't ask me where the bitches at
I just walked in with my nigga, I'm not here for that
Fuck a strip club 'cause a bitch gon' twerk for me
Fuck the strip club, make the lil bitch work for me
Pockets too fat, damn, I think they need surgery
And I got them hoes, I don't got no anniversary
I bet I smell like gas when I walk through the telly
And free my young nigga, he was totin' on the semi
And I'm smokin' gas and I blow it like a chimney
Niggas be so soft, man, these niggas be Lil Debbie
Nigga, I been flexin' since I was in elementary
Pull up in the 'Rari and I block the ho entry
I know I'm that nigga, I know I'm so legendary
I'm smokin' Backwoods even though it's unhealthy
Even when I'm high, I can see the visionary
Bitch, I'm from the South, we drive Bimmers in the country
I don't think I can ever stop lovin' money
Bitches search my name on IG like Safari
I'm a rudeboy, I can never say sorry
I be with my gang and we built like a army
Used to sip on that purple, yeah, the same color as Barney
And I know they gon' be mad when I pull up in that 'Rari