Paranoid Testo

Testo Paranoid

Aye, Nine9 really kickin' shit, you heard?
Nine9 made it!

I just want the swag
Baby girl, I just want the swag
Get this money, I'ma get it till the bag
Pop out the cut like a motherfuckin' ad
I get cash so I know these hoes mad
Flexin' too hard, I'm the motherfuckin' dad
Finna come back [?], and you still in that Jag
2004 but it go too fast
I remember talkin' shit, what the fuck is a match?
I'm a happy ass nigga, I ain't goin' out sad
I got too much money, I ain't lookin' at no tag
I get high off Backwoods, I not smokin' no Zig Zags
Your bitch like me over you, it's okay
I'ma roll up this Backwood with no rolling tray
I'm the hood Santa Claus, in a foreign, not a sleigh
I got 'bout twenty-five roaches sittin' in my ashtray
Only thing I disobey is the rules, that shit lame
I like doin' what I want 'cause I do it everyday
Used to walk in the trap like a motherfuckin' porta
Flexin' too hard, I don't fuck with the steroids
Trapped out nigga, I was trappin' on my Android
Bitches talk too much, they act like I won't get annoyed
Still gettin' checks, you can't tell if I'm unemployed
I be so focused, you would probably think I'm paranoid

Paranoid, paranoid
Geeked up, you would think a nigga paranoid
Par-Paranoid, paranoid
Countin' cash, movin' fast, paranoid
Geeked up, you would think a nigga paranoid
Paranoid, paranoid