Tweak Testo

Testo Tweak

Aye, Nine9 really kickin' shit, you heard?
Nine9 made it

I'm in YSL with the gang
For my jeans, I just spent a whole thing
I can take your bitch by a blink
I love weed, we together, yeah, we sync
Used to wear my Cuban link, now I got VV's in my chain
I'm not worried 'bout no bitch, nor am I worried 'bout a lame
Bein' broke or bein' sad, that's two things I can't claim
Finna hop up in this 'Rari, y'all can travel by them trains
My Beamer all white, Selena Gomez
Bitches run they mouth, y'all be some whole feds
Braids in my hair, I don't fuck with the dreads
I got ADHD but I don't take meds
Only thing I care about is gettin' straight to the bread
You don't gotta listen or give a fuck 'bout what I said
'Cause as long as I get money, you know I'ma get ahead
I'm a young rich nigga, you a broke boy instead
Gas get you so high, you can't remember me
Saint Laurent on my jeans, I know you envy me, uh
When I'm smokin' on this dope, I lose my energy, uh
I be flexin' way too hard, my wristband Louie V
My wristband Louie V, part of my accessory
I'm the hood dispensary, I smoke dope, fuck Hennessy
Walk out the spot and you know I'm finna be flee, uh
Skrt, skrt, in that beamer, even though it's a SUV
I don't really give a damn if you fuck with me
I just wanna get this money, I just wanna do me
I keep buyin' YSL, yeah, it stay with me
Fell in love with them hundreds, man, I know you can see
Fell in love with designer, put the Coach on my feet
Bitch, you know I get money, I ain't buyin' nothing cheap
And I'm flexin' so hard, flexin' now as I speak
With the gang, with my niggas, bitch, you know we gon' tweak