Sicko Testo

Testo Sicko

Aye, Nine9 really kicking shit, you heard?
Nine9 made it

They like, "damn, you did that yourself"
I'm like, "yeah, I didn't need no help"
I'm like, "yeah, I did it myself"
I said to myself "I need no one else"
I'mma come thru flexing on purpose
And I hope I don't leave you nervous
In the Beamer truck, man I be swerving
And I get to the money, but I'm not serving
What the fuck is love?
What you think love be?
What the fuck is love?
Bitch, I love my money
You know i don't fuck with the fake
Throw it on Had to throw on the bape
Hold on, had to drop my tape
Might sing on a song but i'm not Drake
Quit the lean i was pouring up eights
Pouring eights, sipping drink to the face
Told that bitch, just stop, just break
Flexed on em, it was no mistake
Yeah I'm high, you know I'm baked
Backwoods, bitch i don't vape
Water wet yeah cascade
I get cleaner than a maid
Smoking cookies yeah nabisco
Diamonds dancing like a disco
My eyes, they doing the limbo
Blowing smoke out the window
Flame da dope up with the Zippo
I think my pockets fatter than a hippo
Young nigga, man, I'm counting these 0's
Lovin ben franklin like a $icko
Just like a $icko
You can kall me a $icko !
Just like a $icko
Fell inlove wit ben frank like a $icko !