L'isola Non Trovata (Englisch) Testo

Testo L'isola Non Trovata (Englisch)

L?isola non trovata The island left unfounden (Inspired by a poem of Guido Gozzano) ?Twas the fayrest of alle The island left unfounden That the Kynge of Spayne Was giuen by hys cousin The Kynge of Portugal With a bulla signed And sealed by the Pontyffe In Gothic Latyn writynge The Kynge of Spayn sailed awaye To seeke for that enchantyd island But, alas! ?twas not to be founden And no one coude euer fynde it Ytt disappear?d fro? th?forecastlle As fast as thowghte As iff ytt were a fleetyng dream Ytt disappear?d ne?er to be found any more. The ancyent maps of the pyrates Are poynted with mysterious signes The sea men tell it yn a low voyce For fear or for supersticyoune No one knoweth whether ytt is Or ytt?s a dreame Yff you can smelle ytt in the wynde Ytt is lyke smoke that you neuer catch... Some time ytt doth appear Magyque an? fayre in the miste But yff the pilot sayle forth Ytt will soare vp flyinge o?r unknown seas So ytt wylle turne blue The colowre of distaunce The Kynge of Spayn sailed awaye. (Versione in scozzese cinquecentesco)