Blood Money Testo

Testo Blood Money

Tell me Mr. President, tell me how you sleep
You say we go to war for peace, not for oil or greed
Blame it on intelligence, and cover up your lie
Let's put on that TV-smile and send some kids to die!

All the lies, all the lies
You lie so much you think it's true - I don't believe in you

Blood, blood money
Chaos of the world is in your hands
Blood, blood money
Is something that we'll never understand

Fire up those fat cigars, and drink to world decay
We better ravage what we can, tomorrow come what may
Politicians hand in hand, keep smiling on demand
Human life expandable, for another piece of land

It's all hypocrisy, for you own gain
Hah, democracy? No, you're all insane
You call it politics, it's just a lie
Death to humanity, no, I'll never understand

[Lead: Fredrik]