War Testo

Testo War

Send us to die, to add to the gore
We're on a wartime supply
Rewrite the laws, to fit to your cause
To you we are nothing but whores

An arm, a leg, and then replaced
You use us, then spit in our face
Disposable kids, why the fuck would you care
'bout some coffins on your own army base
Genocide, you're terrified
Of what?
You wait, eternally

What have you done to me, why can't you see
Don't want your
We are expandable, we are commodities of war

Cover up lies, inventing the truth
It's making no difference to you
As long as you gain and race in the polls
The killing machine will remain

We die, we kill, for politics
The whole thing is making me sick
Democracy what? A slug in our gut?
And shell shocked and proud we should rot?
Just pain, no gain, to you it's all the same
They fool, us all, in propaganda's name

[Lead: Fredrik]

Regret? No way, their own agenda's set
Invade, destroy, another dollar made