Our Darkest Day Testo

Testo Our Darkest Day

The world is black and burning
We're at our darkest day
We spiral into madness
Morality decays
Savage global warming
The seasons disappear
The world is overflowing
The end is drawing near

No order, it's chaos here
Disorder, only death is real

Too late, too late to walk away
Lost in shadows and decay
No way, no way to stop this fate
This is our darkest day, erase the slate

Let's blame it on the third world
And go on like before
When death is in the doorway
Let's wage a little war
Who cares about tomorrow
There's blood to spill today
Who cares about the sorrow
Come join the blasphemy!

No order, it's anarchy
Disorder, we're all history

It's pandemonium
The end of days
Erase humanity
A big disgrace

The world's a stinking industry
In greed we slowly drown
Nuclear waste and acid rain
Consume till we go down

We die, I said, we die!

[Lead: Daniel]