The Garbage Men Testo

Testo The Garbage Men

All the reeling
City voices
Burn you out but
Tonight I wish that we could join em

Snap the wishbone
Smash the lightbulbs
And when you kiss me
I'll be the man I always was
You say "I'll find a job"
That's right laughing like you do
Chewing your fingers to the bone
And spitting your nails into the pool

Till the garbage men go by
Till the garbage men go by
All the playboys dance
On the black top
Like a swarm flies

Up and down
And in and out
The wind is in the magazines

Up and down
Round and round
The rainbow's in the gasoline

Till the garbagemen go by
Till the garbagemen go by
All the emerald shards
On the blacktop
Like the stars in the sunshine