The Old King Testo

Testo The Old King

("Whatever happens") "No battle lost"
("Know you can love me") Growls the old King
("Whatever happens next") "No war un-won"
("Know you can trust me") He spits and he sings

"I wish I'd had the balls
To sell the army off
Pay all my enemies
And just swallow the loss
Whatever happens
Know you can love me"

I listened all night
The drinks were free
But soon his bitter heart
Got wearing on me

"Go all, go one
The night is young
My throat is dry
But I ain't done
No, I ain't done

"The loves of your life
The glass and the wife
One guts you hollow
One twists the knife"

Morning had come
I left him inside
And I ran away with the paling sky
Yeah, I ran away with the paling sky

"I wish I'd only had the balls
To bury the hatchet and forgive em all"

"'Cause now the hours are days
And the days go like months
Whatever happens
You know I love you"