The Other Half Testo

Testo The Other Half

I could hear your knuckles on the walnut boards
Of the kitchen island through the pocket doors
But my heart snapped over like a plastic fork
When your name kept dropping in the tapping rain storm

Fifteen years and you're just a stranger
I never pictured an ending like it

There's a figure on the tv
In the blizzard waving back at me
And I wonder "has the story ended yet?"

Or maybe… maybe

If that was only half of it
The other half lives on
The lightning ripping in
A fierce summer storm

Fifteen years and you're
Almost good as gone

Now the mice are squeakin'
And the floorboards are creakin'
And I don't have the strength to quiet 'em any more
I just sit and stare

Behind the window bars
The other half lives on