The Stars Of Tomorrow Testo

Testo The Stars Of Tomorrow

Well you stole his Silverado
Candy apple red
And you were laughing
In the high beams
When you introduced yourself
And my younger girl smiled
When you said

"The stars of tomorrow
Are brighter every night"
If I can remember
The rest of your story right

Out of Long Island
On down to Baltimore
Your sister had a family
Out on the eastern shore

"The stars of tomorrow
Are brighter every night"
If I can remember the rest of
Your story right

"Oh he can have
The pool and the cars
But I'm taking this Ford
And a couple of credit cards"

The Singapore birds
And the wedding photographs
The silver, the rings, the dreams
And the broken glass"

But I'm just the singer
And you're just in my heart
I wish you the best of luck
I wish you a brand new start

Oh the island slept
And the moon had set

A beam down the highway
Tapping the dash
In a cool fluorescent flash