Biters Testo

Testo Biters

Suckas bite so much like the bitings accepted
Like the bitings expected
Not only that
Suckas bite so much like the bitings respected
Like biting is excellent
It’s really is a head trip
Men and women bite people they go to bed with
People bite people other person barely had spoke
That's a bite, someone thinks that it’s the best thing you wrote
The biting is reckless
People bite fore they even had breakfast
How you bite something soon as you wake up?
I don’t even understand the chemical makeup
Nowadays rappers bite old hooks
Listen to me youngin biting's never a good look
I know your fanbase not familiar but Jay was doing that back on Roc la Familia
Speaking of Jay that brother get mad bit
I don’t even understand how homey could handle it
Half the rappers that don’t start they name with little or young, start they name with j now where you think that that come from?
Biting everybody
I don’t even know if it’s a habit or a hobby
Cats be acting cocky being copies
It is really comedy
Death to biters
Slow death to biters
Gruesome painful death to biters
I hate biters

Biters think biting is a means to an end
If you are a biter we will never be friends
Everything they present is only pretend
Wish it was something I could prevent
I try to lead by example
But there are those who’d say it’s biting rhyming over samples
Guess biting is in the eye of the beholder
Either way I wish biting was over
Biting is a sign of the times
When they drop a new sneaker just look at the lines
I wonder if suckas could think for theyself if they tried
Not that they try
To even decide
Not that they even attempt
To ever dissent
Or try to be fresh
Or try to be new
They try to be you
All they wanna do is bite and chew
Biting's an epidemic
Biting's part of everything, its systemic
My mother’s not a biter and my father’s not a biter
Maybe biting is genetic
Biting is pathetic
Biting is a diuretic
Yeah I said it
Sometimes people bite and say they paying homage
But that’s garbage
I promise
In truth they know it isn’t right
In truth they know that they are biters
The truth is that they love to bite
Death to biters
Slow death to biters
Gruesome painful death to biters
I hate biters