Waiting On My Girl Testo

Testo Waiting On My Girl

Most the time that's in the world
Is time that i will wind up spending waiting on my girl
10 minutes after waking i be ready for the gym
Four hours after waking and i be like what the *uck
She got like 90 different tasks
And all of them are very slow and none are very fast
Supposedly every single one is crucial
It's some ish that i don't ever get used to
Sometimes i ask her if she's almost ready
Each and every single time she says “yeah“
I don't think she's lying on purpose
I really think she has no idea
How long minutes and hours really are
I know it sounds outrageous and i know it sounds bizarre
But no matter how many times i try to set her straight
The only thing that i could ever do is sit and wait


I tell my girl we're leaving 7
She be like “word“
But that is absurd
Sometimes i wind up waiting outside
She has no concept of time
I love her and we'll never ever break up
But why it take 100 million years to do her makeup?
Don't get me wrong i like it when she dolls up
But trying 20 different outfits on makes me say what the *uck
Do i even have to mention
Thee bathroom is like another dimension
What goes on inside is something i could never explain
Time exists on an entirely different plane
Inside i know we really gotta run
Instead I'm in the living room twiddling my thumbs
Makes me never wanna leave my borough
The time I know that I'll invest waiting on my girl

Before she was my girl yo i was always on time
But now while i be waiting i just sit and write rhymes
It's not unusual that she be taking so long
That by the time we break out i done wrote a whole song
I'll write an album 'fore i get to heaven, no bull
That outcome is inevitable
No ifs ands or maybes
Better than going crazy
If we gotta leave at ten i say we gotta leave at eight
We're still a half an hour late
By the time we call the uber or the time we call the lyft
She really has a gift
I'm just being expressive
I'm not even really mad
Actually it's quite impressive
We'll be leaving in a second fam
Till then I'll just be staring at the second hand