Shorty Heights Testo

Testo Shorty Heights

Holy cow
I guess I wasn’t ready then because I’m ready now
Know sanitation’s tired of sweeping up confetti piles
But I’ll keep winning anyhow
What’s just above the brow, behind the sternum
Be the stern and be the bow
The ticker and the thinker
The heart and mind
The hook the line and sinker
We’re gonna need a bigger boat
And bigger reel
This being the realest thing I ever wrote

Whatever titling is codе
For greatest story that was evеr told
My baby nice wit beans and overnight she let em soak
I float through lucid dreams and don’t point out that I’m from Queens ‘cause that’s a trope
I rather death before dishonor
And lather up with Dr. Bronner’s soap
Head of steam and spreading semen
But as seen through a kaleidoscope

My superpower is my senses
Aren’t boggled down by needing a consensus
Matter’s not a matter that requires my attention
Minimalist propensities
Necessity’s the mother of invention
And out for self until ascension
The road to hell is paved with good intentions
My offer includes compensation complete with a pension
For full cooperation and total attention
As far as crossing bridges I haven’t arrived at
I never tried that
So nevermind that
The act of decision is exquisite
No rule of thumb or any other digit
I leave it to the instant ‘cause I seldom could predict if I could dig it
Instinct’ll kick in, and start insisting “that’s the ticket” and i listen
By definition every flip is different
This is even when the coin’s in mint condition

Every time I trip and fall
I could see a clearer picture in my crystal ball
I went from cat that used to play the wall to now I know the mating call for every creature great and small
That’s what I call evolved and not a hand that was supposedly a paw
Turns out every strength was something I was certain was a flaw
And all from tryna walk ‘fore learning how to crawl

Rain soaked
If you don’t know me by now then we in the same boat
For the record like I’s Usain Bolt
It ain’t the same as stayin woke
I’m an artist not an entertainer
My brain is a receiver not a generator
I even helped a lady by delivering her baby in a broken elevator