Triple Warmer Testo

Testo Triple Warmer

I been teaching myself Tao on YouTube
For peace of mind
And taking more time when I chew food
Tryna train my left and right brain like a choo choo
Don’t engage with a thought ‘less I choose to
Lemme introduce you to the new school and unusual
Only say things that are useful
Triple warmer then my aura is lit
I know all the different colors that my organs emit
I took an overnight trip to Vegas
Everything I came in contact with was anus
I wouldn’t recommend it every record was a aimless sort of heinous
Came home and clеansed my palette wit thе "Quelle beats" playlist
That was painless
Came up on some cadences it pays to be creative
You can emulate the manner of the latter day saint
But don’t follow me crossing the street
It ain’t safe
I put in work then i deliver
I make the healing sound and work the anger out the liver
In Brooklyn you can’t stargaze
But they got unlimited popcorn refills at the Barclays
In the dark age
Of modified Spotify plays
There lived a brother that was brotherly
Who used to channel and used to chant
Who favorite channel was Discovery
In summary
I believe in only god and only now
Plus I’m vegan so it’s only right, I say holy cow
Even tho the other day I had some pizza I just told it for atonement plus was vegan in the moment when I wrote this
By now it’s obvious I wasn’t built for showbiz
But peep the dwarfs that’s standing on my shoulders
And hanging from my scrotum
Yo I’m over it
I brought a couple flows that I could float em