Couple Bars (Honey, Sugar, Darling, Sweetie, Baby & Boo) Testo

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Testo Couple Bars (Honey, Sugar, Darling, Sweetie, Baby & Boo)

Yo why you ain't return my text message yo?
Why don't you stop being such a ice queen
You supposed to be sweet to me...
I'm getting texts, I'm like
"Oh is that her? Oh it's not her
Oh is that her? Oh it's not her"
Shit is...
Four days with this shit...
Tryin to concentrate
I had a dream about you
It was bugged, soon as I woke I wrote it out
So I could roll it out before you like a red carpet
Not a carpet colored red, a carpet made out of the color itself
Every strand was wove by summer itself
Lemme be as helpful to you as Santa's elf
I'm rocking wedding bells, a wedding ring in my utility belt
I ain't tryna gas you, know you ain't tryna belch
I'll make waffles that are Belgian, do my bestest for your breakfast in bed
Breathe my breath upon your breasteses and legs
Baby run for prez, I'll vote
I'm fearless from the feelings you evoke
Okey dokey you can open up my nose
I'll never put you second for a second, you're no Robinson Cano
I don't know if you're into sports but I am hoping so
I noticed you're a glowing indigo
It would be an honor just to roll with you, let's make the honor roll
I'll run atop a rainbow and I'll snatch a pot of gold
I'll dump the gold and use the pot to make you platanos
I won't even pot a rose for you, I'll pot a grove
I ain't even got a home for you, I got a globe
Solar system doesn't even got a lot of those
I'm your prince, princess you ain't gotta kiss a lotta toads
Genuine article, wish I was your articles of clothes
Just a particle of cotton on your cones
That'd be the most wonderful destiny ever
Only possibility possibly better than being a stitch on your sweater
Is being human and me and you together
Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever
Now or never isn't true
I'd prefer now, but whatever's good with you, that'll do
We could date until the doc give a date when the baby due
I can call you honey, sugar, darling, sweetie, baby, boo
You're so hot, sue me for being in hot pursuit
When a situation's opportune, I'm a proper troop
I step up to the front, I don't front though
I've got you under my skin, but nothing fungal
Perpetually I keep it on the humble
I ain't on the hunt, or only tryna hump
I'd be a monkey's uncle
I pray you don't mistake yourself for prey
Or me for lame and tryna kick some game to try to get some play
That'd be a shame
Next time I see you I am definitely gonna shave
Till then I'm doing push-ups tryna get in better shape
And taking in some sun to try and tan my skin a couple shades
Let's be a couple, babe
Let me keep you company
Let me in the door so I can make sure that you're living comfortably
I can practically guarantee that I'm your cup of tea
Follow my lead and take this Loaded magazine and cover me
That's all I gotta say, at least for now
If you allow I'll say it every single hour
I'm not even single now
In my heart and mind we're already a duo
I already switched from acting singular to acting plural
If I painted I'da painted you a mural
If I worked at Subway, my future mate, I woulda made a Hero
To celebrate the miracle you are
But I'm aight, and because I'm a writer I wrote a couple bars

So show me some love, yo
Can I get a shout-out, a simple conversation?
We could take a walk and after that if you don't wanna chill
We won't chill no further and I won't even sweat you
But thanks for inspring a hot record either way