Let's Get 'em Testo

Testo Let's Get 'em

[Verse One]:
This'd be the ending of Side B
Angels walk beside me, practically Siamese
I seen it like the swami, top of the swan beak
Let's build, over chicken and broccoli
Then up the blood flow to unclog grease
Amplify the tight squeeze, go for the clean sweep
You're tuned in to the Sandman "I Have A Dream" speech
Let's get 'em

The father is Kool Herc
Hands up across the cruel world, handle your school work
I don't curse in front of my old earth
But I'll drop a couple pointers holding my coin purse
At some point the lines blurred
Almost like it's Point Break 'cept that I can't surf
Only that it's break point and I ain't gon' lose serve
Let's get 'em

Big kids watch for the hand hook
Stiffing City Harvest canned goods is a bad look
Badge tryna random search of your bag, book
Unless you ain't got no cans, just carrying your black book
In QB cats going kaput
Something like a QB throwing off the back foot
Way too many cats "pause", enough of the cat foot
Let's get 'em

More logos than NASCAR
But remaking Juice starring assholes is the last straw
Atop the camel's broke back positive blacks barred
It's enough to make a broke cat barf at a cash bar
So I'm defending the casbah
Me and bunch cats that ain't had any caviar
Buncha cats connected to the ave like an avatar
Let's get 'em

The saga don't end
It make me feel at home, I know it like an old friend
Cannons warm up early and often
Love for war bucks/Warbucks
Annie the orphan
Cats blown for a portion
Things get blown out of proportion
Next time cats bug be the Orkin
Let's get 'em

One of the biggest bummers in life I call "laundry"
Separating coloreds from whites
I seen more screwed races back of buses and flights
I seen more screw faces than some husbands and wives
Many cats starved, puzzled turn to hustle and vice
It might seem like hustle is a must to survive
Nah, God's cipher is the cipher divine