Watchu Want From Me Testo

Testo Watchu Want From Me

We ain't trade no vows 'fore we was intimate
I was only went down your blouse cause you was into it
Don't go thinking now I'm your spouse cause I'm a gentleman
All I gave you was a smile, not a child that's illegitimate
I ain't even saying our hanging was insignificant
But I ain't sign any documents, forms or certificates
We ain't even kick it but for a couple incidents
I was trying to chill, it was ya'll that was impetus

Yo watchu' want from me?

Who was saying this nation's indivisible?
I don't care what they say or if they paid, cats is miserable
Chillin while them chillun in jails to take a visit to
They was put there by cops who can't pass a physical
Ain't no beg your pardon, barging in your living room
Run up on your fam while your baby drinking Enfamil
Any day around the way these things are typical
Everything we say is in vain the days are biblical

Yo watchu want from me!? (watchu want!?)
Yo watchu want from me!? (watchu want!?)
Yo watchu want from me!? (watchu want!?)
Yo watchu want from me!? (watchu want!?)

Don't get mad when I answer do I vote or not
I don't mess wit none of these bastards, frickin autobots
I don't care if a candidates ass is black and puerto rock
Ain't no different from Puffy in ads tryna pour Ciroc
All them politicians are frauds and just an awful lot
Coughing up they mouthful but they never do an awful lot
If it was up to me I'd throw all them suckas off the docks
I don't give a damn if my opinion is unorthodox

My bad, I thought Autobots were the bad ones
They're still shape-shifters

I ain't never been scared to keep it real with you
'Fore I signed to Stones I wasn't tryna get a deal with you
Similar to Chaka Zulu, I won't kneel for you
Then again there's also Chaka Khan because I feel for you
You was writing bars part time now I don't hear from you
Don't be mad at me cause I was down to skip a meal or two
Now you throwing salt cause I'm exalted on a pedestal
I am not to blame if all this garbage is identical

Yo watchu want from me!? (watchu want!?)
Yo watchu want from me!? (watchu want!?)
Yo watchu want from me!? (watchu want!?)
Yo watchu want from me!? (watchu want!?)

I am not antisocial
Music about killing black people makes me emotional
Everybody act like the sh*t is unnoticeable
I ain't tryna post up where I might go postal
But I am not hopeless, I stay hopeful
There's a big diff between the princess and toadstool
I'm not the cat talking take it back to the old school
I'm the cat talking take it forward where we supposed to
Yo watchu' want from me?
Yeah I know I ain't curse a couple albums ago
My life is all about just tryna figure out what's logical
Couple times I thought that I had found the pot of gold
May have took time to have found it but if I doubt it then it's time to go
Switch my mental plane, hop out and yell Geronimo
Maybe I'm like Pee Wee looking for the basement in the Alamo
All I know is it's in fashion treating my fam like animals
And that ain't gonna stop regardless of who's dating Amber Rose