The Ancient Testo

Testo The Ancient

I be around brothers
Don't be around books enough to judge 'em by the covers
They been around cliques enough to judge 'em by the colors
My inner circle, circling right above us are the buzzards
Game is just a show, a game show, look at all the buzzers
On either side of the great divide, what's gonna become of, us
False idols pop, something for the clobbers
The rest just need a title shot, something for the clubbers
Half these cats are spreading love, but they feeling hunger
Other half are feeling numb, but they're doing numbers
But how can they not feel like herbs saying "Word to mother"
Then saying a bunch of words that they'd never say to mother
I'm something like a sweeping tide quaking from asunder
I'm something like a sleeping giant waking from a slumber
It ain't like cause I know the ledge, talking down to others
It's more like I'm out on the ledge talking down the jumpers

If there ain't no God then how you nourished?
But if you believe in God then why you nervous?
That's word, it's obvious you better work on your endurance
If you got trouble working under duress
For all the world to see, don't get swept up with being current
All the world's a sea, don't get swept up in the current
Conjuring depictions based on fiction takes no courage
If that's your affliction better figure how to cure it
You could stay up on your little piggies or be a hermit
Either way, watch out for the piggies like you Kermit
That's easier said than done atop the Mount that's Vernon
Finding solid footing up atop a mountain of vermin
Native Louisianans might be lost in a bottle of bourbon
Visitors to Louisiana might be lost while out on Bourbon
Newark cats take chances out on Chancellor and Bergen
Every country, every county, every borough got a burden
For certain

When you are blinded it is difficult to seek
It's difficult to dream when it is difficult to sleep
Anyplace that's worth going will be difficult to reach
That's difficult to learn, even more difficult to teach
That's why so many characters get caught up in between
There's way too many characters to put it in a tweet
In days of old kids understood the concept of a team
Before they were done sucking on the teet
But nowadays it's suckers always sucking on they teeth
Does any village wanna raise a child?
No, everybody's smoking
Sometimes I feel like Smokey crying the tears of a clown
Enough to form a cloud
If only I could put you in my shoes to walk a mile
I'll break you out your lust for ka
Ka-ching and ka-pow
There's no concern for Tao Te Ching
Also known as the Dao
Your peoples are down and out
Don't drown 'em out cause you up in the Dow