Decompose Testo

Testo Decompose

I awake to shades of grey
Stumbling silhouette just broke the ashtray
Try to remember why you're in my room
The cocaine never lets you sleep

It only supplements the drinking
Did a chemical reaction transform you to this?
I don't know what I'd do
if I ever saw you outside of my nightmares
Down on your knees saying your prayers

The whites in your eyes
Turned to yellow
You're decomposing
Tobacco stained teeth hide behind cracking lips
Makes smiling hard without bleeding

It's spinning out of control
This condition far worse than critical
Pinch myself awake but this is no dream
Wither and die in front of me

There's been a big mistake 'cause that shit you drank
was no love potion
You're trying hard but getting nothing
I won't play a part in this game of you self-destruction
Step outside you're getting nothing