Muffled By Concrete Testo

Testo Muffled By Concrete

One night I think you said to me that we're broken
Well I'm still breaking
But I realize my skin's not bulletproof either
Mazes in the cornfields died
And on their grave a new hotel lies
Only crumbling dirt and crumbling lives survive
That tune you're humming never sounded so bleak to me

Father, have you done right?
"I broke my back, son, sold my time"
Fingers shredded even more than your spirit
They'll break you in and work you down
until you pledge allegiance
To a system that brings you up just to knock you down
"I'd like to see you turn this world upside down"

Screaming voice of reason
Muffled by concrete
Beauty covered with parking lots
Seems these yellow lines are all we've got

Born as free men
Tied hands
Eyes left bleeding
The one's who've seen it
Here's to those one's who die trying